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"It's a very cool game and highly recommended." - Day of the OUYA
"Hypnotic and beautiful ..."
- Craig Forshey, Super Game Droid

"This is a very good game that deserves to be played more by fans both Tower Defense, Text Adventures, and Sci-fi. I recommend giving it a shot."
- Joshua Racz, ReviOUYA

Def is a unique 'minimalist' tower defense/RTS hybrid with interactive fiction story elements. Stranded on the wrong side of the Rift during an attack on the enigmatic Def Flotilla, you are thrown into the deep end and left to control an unfamiliar alien defense system. But this isn't just about saving your own skin – millions of Def, and the fate of human-Def relations depend on your actions.

  • Unique tower defense / realtime strategy hybrid
  • Enemy AI inspired by ants, with pathfinding influenced by pheromone trails
  • Guide the conversation with your alien host to unravel the story
  • Quick, pick up and play, seat-of-the-pants campaign chapters
  • Neo-retro visual aesthetic, inspired by actual alien user interfaces !
  • Mod support - players can create their own levels and stories

Def has been refined over the course of ~12 months after its initial release with 15 levels (now 30) on OUYA. That said, nothing is perfect, and I'm always looking for feedback, bug reports and tweaks that might make the game better in some small way. Feel free to email: perry@omgwtfgames.com, drop in to the Def forums (watch out for the tumbleweed !), comment on IndieDB or maybe tweet to @OMGWTFGAMES.

I intend to release Def on other delivery platforms in the future - particularly Desura, IndieGameStand and the Humble Store (and maybe even Steam via Greenlight if it's popular enough - no promises !). If/when that happens I'll provide keys for any of these platforms where Def is available to buyers on itch.io (as long as it's possible without incurring significant extra cost).

Hope you enjoy this weird little game !

-- Andrew


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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